STP1237: Specification of Motorcyclists' Protective Clothing Designed to Reduce Road Surface Impact Injuries

    Woods, RI
    University Lecturer, Physiological Laboratory, Cambridge,

    Pages: 20    Published: Jan 1996


    Crash damage on motorcycling clothing has been analysed on 100 suits. The information has been used to define four zones on clothing that require different performance characteristics. Zone 1 is subject to severe impacts and abrasion, Zone 2 to severe abrasion and stress damage, and Zone 3 is at moderate risk of abrasion damage. Zone 4 is at low risk of road contact, and important ergonomic features such as ventilation panels may be fitted here. Performance requirements of the four zones are proposed based on the Belt impact abrasion test, burst testing and impact cut testing. Impact protection and its specification are discussed.


    motorcycling clothing, crash damage performance levels, abrasion, impact, burst, test

    Paper ID: STP14053S

    Committee/Subcommittee: F23.96

    DOI: 10.1520/STP14053S

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