STP1453: Durability of Horizontal Sealant Joints

    Nicastro, DH
    C.E.O., Engineering Diagnostics, Inc., Austin, TX

    Gorman, PD
    President, Gorman Moisture Protection, Inc., El Paso, TX

    Pages: 23    Published: Jan 2004


    There is an epidemic of premature horizontal sealant joint failures throughout the United States; they appear to be even more prevalent than sealant failures in vertical (wall) joints. In addition to the usual problems (leakage, property damage, poor indoor air quality) associated with vertical joint failures, horizontal joint failures can result in personal injury from trip and fall incidents. This paper presents case histories of horizontal sealant joint failure investigations; a summary of research on the resistance of horizontal joints to concentrated loads; a test method for penetration resistance; data collected from numerous projects throughout the United States, including load resistance test results and observations of the joint configuration, materials, and condition after varying years of service; and recommendations for durable horizontal sealant joint design and installation.


    Horizontal sealant joint, traffic, water, backing material, adhesive failure, cohesive failure, modulus, self-leveling sealant, spalling, control joint, expansion joint

    Paper ID: STP12569S

    Committee/Subcommittee: C24.20

    DOI: 10.1520/STP12569S

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