STP1444: Designer-Led Design/Build — Alternative Project Delivery Method for Façade Evaluation and Repair Projects — Case Study on an 11 Story Apartment Building

    VanOcker, DA
    Principal, CVM Engineers, Inc. and Treasurer, CVM Construction Managers, Inc., Wayne, PA

    Pages: 17    Published: Jan 2004


    Traditional Design/Bid/Build project delivery methods are inherently cumbersome for complex façade repair programs. The repair program on an 11 — story apartment building is documented, demonstrating the aspects and benefits of utilizing a Design/Build contracting approach, with the Design-Professional leading the repair program. The project begins with an assessment that concludes with the recommendation to replace the façade. Early evaluation efforts document the need for immediate safety/ stabilization measures, then progress through the successful delivery of a complex façade repair program under a project delivery method that is growing in acceptance.


    design/build, design/bid/build, designer-led, specialty repair contractor, stabilization measures, risk exposure

    Paper ID: STP11477S

    Committee/Subcommittee: E06.55

    DOI: 10.1520/STP11477S

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