STP1428: Modelling of Hysteresis Loops During Thermomechanical Fatigue

    Sandström, R
    Swedish Institute for Metals Research, Stockholm,

    Prof., Materials Technology, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm,

    Andersson, HCM
    Swedish Institute for Metals Research, Stockholm,

    Pages: 14    Published: Jan 2003


    The hysteresis loops obtained during thermomechanical fatigue testing of the stainless steel 253 MA and the ODS alloy PM2000 have been analysed using a model taking elastic, plastic, and creep deformation into account. Data from previously performed creep and tensile tests were used to determine the constants in the model. Hysteresis loops both from in-phase and out-of-phase cycling were successfully reproduced. By integrating the fatigue and creep damage along the hysteresis loops, the cyclic lifetimes of 253 MA were predicted.


    thermomechanical fatigue, TMF, hysteresis loops, modelling, computer simulations

    Paper ID: STP11425S

    Committee/Subcommittee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP11425S

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