STP1430: Improved Efficacy of Lignosulfonate Dispersants Through a Novel Combination

    Winowiski, T
    LignoTech USA Inc., Rothschild, WI

    Brzezinski, J
    LignoTech USA Inc., Rothschild, WI

    Lebo, S
    LignoTech USA Inc., Rothschild, WI

    Pages: 9    Published: Jan 2003


    This investigation describes the effect of a combination of lignosulfonate (LS) originating from the sulfite process with an unsulfonated kraft lignin (KL), such that the LS portion provides solubility while the KL provides a hydrophobic region that will strongly adsorb onto the substrate. For reference purposes, previous technologies for the preparation of agricultural dispersants have been included, namely, LS modified by oxidative desulfonation (LS-Ox) and by mild depolymerization/desulfonation (LS-U), as well as commercially available sulfonated kraft lignin (SKL).

    Studies were conducted in several formulations including atrazine wettable powder (WP), copper oxychloride (COC) WP, COC extruded water dispersible granules (WDG), and sulfur suspension concentrate. The lignosulfonate/kraft combination (LS-KL) showed a unique ability to maintain suspensibility in extra hard water where the other sulfonated lignins failed. For example, suspensibilities achieved with 2% dispersant in COC WP in extra-hard water at 22 °C were as follows: LS, 40%; SKL, 59%; and LS-KL, 84%.


    sulfonated lignin, lignosulfonate, kraft, suspensibility, hard water

    Paper ID: STP11114S

    Committee/Subcommittee: E35.22

    DOI: 10.1520/STP11114S

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