STP1557: A Survey of Particle Characterization Techniques for Lime and Other Powders

    Thornton, Anthony W.
    Micromeritics Instrument Corporation, Norcross, GA

    Pages: 13    Published: Oct 2012


    The behavior of many materials can be readily predicted based on the measurement of various physical properties. This is often much quicker, easier, and less expensive than performing functional tests with the material, especially because the relationship between the measured physical properties and the material is usually known from past experience. Often it is necessary only to make sure that a current lot of material has the same properties, within acceptable tolerances, as a previous lot, and that a new lot prepared in the future will also behave as expected if it has the same values for these measurable properties. In this paper, several currently used methods for determining the physical properties of lime and other powders are presented, along with an explanation of the principles of measurement and sample preparation.


    particle characterization, particle size distribution, specific surface area, particle shape, skeletal density, sample preparation

    Paper ID: STP104670

    Committee/Subcommittee: C07.05

    DOI: 10.1520/STP104670

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