STP1551: Development of a New Test Method for Assessing the Potential Raveling Resistance of Pervious Concrete

    Offenberg, Matthew
    Technical Service Manager, W. R. Grace & Company, Lithonia, GA

    Pages: 17    Published: Nov 2012


    One of the key concerns with pervious concrete is the material's surface durability, specifically, its resistance to raveling. As the market for pervious concrete grew, this was one of the hurdles in the way of broader adoption of the technology. This paper documents the process of developing a test method to determine the potential raveling resistance of a pervious concrete mixture. The process included a study that used lab cast cylinders to compare the raveling resistance potential of pervious concrete mixtures containing different aggregates, varying cement contents, and basic chemical admixtures. A refined version of the test method was developed after an unsuccessful ASTM round robin evaluation. The results from this new method will provide the industry with beginning correlations between basic mix ingredients and the surface durability of a finished pervious concrete pavement.


    pervious concrete, raveling, test

    Paper ID: STP104555

    Committee/Subcommittee: C09.46

    DOI: 10.1520/STP104555

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