Most Recent 25 Manuals, Monographs, & Data Series

    MNL32-5TH Manual on Test Sieving Methods: Guidelines for Establishing Sieve Analysis Procedures

    MNL72 The Practice of Flash Point Determination: A Laboratory Resource

    MNL58 Petroleum Refining and Natural Gas Processing

    MNL62 Automotive Lubricants and Testing

    MNL65 Application of ASTM E2691 Standard Practice for Job Productivity Measurement

    MNL17-2ND Paint and Coating Testing Manual: 15th. Edition of the Gardner-Sward Handbook

    MNL70 Quality Control of Soil Compaction Using ASTM Standards

    MONO9 Spectroscopic Analysis of Petroleum Products and Lubricants

    DS71 ISOCORRAG International Atmospheric Exposure Program: Summary of Results

    MNL1-8TH Significance of Tests for Petroleum Products: 8th Edition

    MNL64 Intensive Quenching Systems: Engineering and Design

    MNL68 Crude Oils: Their Sampling, Analysis, and Evaluation

    MNL7-8TH Manual on Presentation of Data and Control Chart Analysis, 8th Edition

    RPS2 Zirconium Production and Technology: The Kroll Medal Papers 1975–2010

    MNL18-2ND Moisture Control in Buildings: The Key Factor in Mold Prevention—2nd Edition

    MNL22-2ND Business Performance Excellence through Total Quality Management—2nd Edition

    MNL5-4TH Aviation Fuel Quality Control Procedures: 4th Edition

    MNL59 A Comprehensive Review of Lubricant Chemistry, Technology, Selection, and Design

    MNL63 Just-About-Right (JAR) Scales: Design, Usage, Benefits, and Risks

    MNL67 Gypsum: Connecting Science and Technology

    MONO5 Black Box Data from Accident Vehicles: Methods of Retrieval, Translation, and Interpretation

    MNL51 Distillation and Vapor Pressure Measurement in Petroleum Products

    MNL61 Guide to ASTM Test Methods for the Analysis of Coal and Coke

    MNL60 Physical Requirement Guidelines for Sensory Evaluation Laboratories: 2nd Edition

    MONO7 Physics and Chemistry of Micro-Nanotribology

    DS67C Handbook of Comparative World Steel Standards