MNL58: Hydrogen Management

    Zhang, N.
    The University of Manchester, Manchester,

    Liu, F.
    British Petroleum Plc., Beijing,

    Pages: 17    Published: Jan 2013


    Chapter 12 first provides an overview of various technical aspects in refinery hydrogen management, including basic information for hydrogen production, purification, transportation, and distribution. Because hydrogen supply becomes a bottleneck issue for many refineries to deal with stricter product specifications and a higher degree of heavy oil upgrading, good hydrogen management practice becomes very important to maintain the competitiveness of a refinery. Therefore, a systematic approach (i.e., hydrogen pinch analysis) is introduced. It contains two steps—targeting and design—in which the targeting step quickly identifies the maximum hydrogen saving potential, and then the design step tries to exploit all possible design options to reach the target on the basis of mathematical programming. Details of hydrogen pinch analysis technology are explained.


    Refinery, hydrogen management, pinch analysis

    Paper ID: MNL5820131212412

    Committee/Subcommittee: D02.04

    DOI: 10.1520/MNL5820131212412

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    ISBN13: 978-0-8031-7022-3