Volume 26, Issue 5 (September 1998)

    Experimental Justification for Proposed Changes to the Measurement of KIc Using ASTM E 399

    (Received 25 August 1997; accepted 7 April 1998)


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    During the past five years considerable effort has been devoted to developing a fracture toughness measurement standard that combines the linear elastic stress intensity factor at the onset of crack extension, KIc, and the elastic-plastic fracture toughness measurement quantities, namely, JIc, the J resistance curve (J-R curve), and the corresponding crack tip opening displacement resistance curve (CTOD-R curve). The objective of this effort was to allow the engineer to start with one specimen geometry, conduct a specified test, develop either a KQ or a JQR curve, and then, after application of the relevant size requirements, obtain a valid fracture toughness result. At present, different specimens are required by E 399 and E 1737 (the combination and replacement of E 813 and E 1152), and if the engineer uses the E 399 specimen geometry and test procedure and subsequently finds that the measured KQ fails the E 399 size requirements, new specimens must be machined and tested according to E 1737 to obtain valid fracture toughness measurements.

    This paper describes experimental tests that have been conducted in parallel with the development of the new ASTM Standard E 1820-97, a combined fracture toughness test standard that is intended to address this problem. These experimental results show that the standard J integral specimen, incorporating load line crack mouth opening displacement measurements and side grooves, can be used to obtain KIc as presently defined by ASTM E 399. The use of larger aW ranges is also supported by these results as long as the basic size requirements of E 399 are met and applied to both the specimen crack length and remaining ligament as well as to the specimen gross thickness.

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    Joyce, JA
    U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD

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    DOI: 10.1520/JTE12026J

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    Title Experimental Justification for Proposed Changes to the Measurement of KIc Using ASTM E 399
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