Simple Analysis of Gluconate in Cleaner

    Volume 14, Issue 2 (March 1986)

    ISSN: 0090-3973


    Page Count: 3

    Hwang, R
    Associate Chemist, NYC Transit Authority Chemical Laboratory, Brooklyn, NY


    Two simple methods of gluconate analysis in a cleaner are described:

    1. Gluconate is oxidized by periodate. The amount of formic acids are titrated by standard alkaline. 2. In the presence of acidic iodide solution, gluconate oxidized by hydroperiodic acid liberates iodine. At the same time its unreacted acid also liberates iodine. The amount of iodine is titrated by standard sodium thiosulphate.

    Paper ID: JTE10331J

    DOI: 10.1520/JTE10331J

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    Title Simple Analysis of Gluconate in Cleaner
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