Fatigue of Ferrocement

    Volume 3, Issue 5 (September 1975)

    ISSN: 0090-3973


    Page Count: 5

    McKinnon, EA
    Assistant professor of mechanical engineering, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, Calif.

    Simpson, MG
    Lieutenant Commander, USN, Navy Section, MAAG,


    Ferrocement is a composite of reinforcing wire and cement mortar that is used in thin shell construction. Several layers of wire are impregnated with the cement mortar, resulting in a material that behaves synergistically. Ferrocement is becoming widely used for private and commercial boat hulls because of its formability, economy, fire resistance, and low maintenance. In this study, several variations of ferrocement were fabricated and subjected to constant amplitude cyclic loads up to ten million cycles. Stress versus cycles-to-failure plots were developed and comparisons between the data for various ferrocement modifications were made.

    Paper ID: JTE10175J

    DOI: 10.1520/JTE10175J

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    Title Fatigue of Ferrocement
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