Mechanical Characterization of Cryogenically Treated Music Wire

    Volume 3, Issue 4 (April 2006)

    ISSN: 1546-962X


    Page Count: 16

    Chen, JM
    National University of Singapore,

    Seah, KHW
    Corresponding author, National University of Singapore,

    Chew, CH
    National University of Singapore,

    (Received 3 August 2005; accepted 24 October 2005)


    Cryogenic treatment is a technique applied to metallic alloys to improve their mechanical properties through stress relief and the formation of microprecipitates. Recently, there have been attempts among musical instrument makers to perform cryogenic treatment on musical instruments. While there are claims that these instruments experienced improved tonal performance due to altered physical and mechanical characteristics after cryogenic treatment, there have been no attempts to examine or qualify these claims. This study is an effort to characterize music wire in acoustic systems before and after cryogenic treatment in terms of changes in material and mechanical properties. Treated strings are found to possess improved mechanical properties. An explanation is proposed for the changes in the material caused by cryogenic treatment.

    Paper ID: JAI13510

    DOI: 10.1520/JAI13510

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    Title Mechanical Characterization of Cryogenically Treated Music Wire
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    Committee A05