A New Environmentally Friendly Solvent of Low Toxicity for Crop Protection Formulations

    Volume 8, Issue 6 (June 2011)

    ISSN: 1546-962X


    Published Online: 11 July 2011

    Page Count: 8

    Vidal, Thierry
    Rhodia Recherches et Technologies SAS,

    Bramati, Valerio
    Rhodia Novecare, Agricultural Specialties lab, Ospiate di Bollate,

    Murthy, Krishnamurthy
    Rhodia Novecare, Agricultural Specialties lab,

    Abribat, Benoit
    Rhodia Novecare, Agricultural Specialties,

    (Received 16 December 2010; accepted 21 April 2011)


    A new solvent for the crop protection formulations is described. Solvents are essential components in various pesticide formulations. Many traditional solvents used in agricultural applications are currently under scrutiny because of increasing environmental and regulatory concerns. Agrochemical formulators are facing a need to find alternative solvents that are environmentally friendly while continuing to deliver traditional solvent performance. A new polar solvent, an archetype of a novel class of products containing a tertiary amide group combined with an ester function namely Methyl 5-(dimethylamino) 2-methyl 5-oxopentanoate (RHODIASOLV Polarclean) (RHODIASOLV is the registered trade mark of Rhodia, Cranbury, NJ) is described. This new solvent exhibits an outstanding safety and non toxic environmental profile. Additionally, many agrochemical active ingredients have good solubilities in this new solvent. Hansen solubility parameters demonstrate the high level of solvency properties of this ester-amide when compared to the commonly used agrochemical solvents. In addition to meeting the customer requirements on delivering good solvent performance, the raw material utilized in the manufacture of this solvent is a by-product of polyamide manufacture and has been selected to meet the sustainability criteria.

    Paper ID: JAI103716

    DOI: 10.1520/JAI103716

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    Title A New Environmentally Friendly Solvent of Low Toxicity for Crop Protection Formulations
    Symposium Pesticide Formulations and Delivery Systems: Innovative Green Chemistries for the 21st Century, 2010-10-12
    Committee E35