Micro-Deval Test for the Assessment of Bituminous Aggregate Durability

    Volume 4, Issue 1 (January 2007)

    ISSN: 1546-962X


    Page Count: 13

    Jayawickrama, PW
    Associate Professor, Civil Engineering, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

    Hossain, MS
    Research Scientist, Virginia Transportation Research Council, Charlottesville, VA

    Phillips, F
    Consultant Contract Administrator, Texas Department of Transportation, Lubbock, TX

    (Received 21 February 2006; accepted 10 November 2006)


    Bituminous aggregates from a total of 52 sources located in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Missouri were evaluated using both Micro-Deval and magnesium sulfate soundness tests. Each aggregate was also characterized using petrography, absorption, and specific gravity. Findings showed that Micro-Deval test is a more repeatable test than the soundness test. Micro-Deval showed a fair to good correlation with soundness and an improved correlation was observed when used along with aggregate absorption values. It is concluded that further research is needed to completely replace soundness tests but the Micro-Deval test could be used as a good quality indicator tool.

    Paper ID: JAI100519

    DOI: 10.1520/JAI100519

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    Title Micro-Deval Test for the Assessment of Bituminous Aggregate Durability
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