A New Torsional Shear Device

    Volume 22, Issue 2 (June 1999)

    ISSN: 0149-6115


    Page Count: 11

    d'Onofrio, A
    University of Naples, Federico II,

    Silvestri, F
    University of Naples, Federico II,

    Vinale, F
    University of Naples, Federico II,

    (Received 19 March 1997; accepted 19 November 1998)


    Reliable small-strain measurements of deformational characteristics of soils have been one of the challenging aims in geotechnical engineering laboratories over the past decade, in particular when the mechanical behavior of stiff clays and soft rocks has to be analyzed under working conditions.

    A new torsional shear apparatus has been developed at the University of Naples, “Federico II,” Italy, suited for accurate and continuous measurement of deformational characteristics at both small strain levels and high stress levels.

    In order to accomplish these requirements, the new device incorporates a special electromagnetic loading system designed to apply a maximum torque of more than 5 Nm, and a high-resolution monitoring system, which allows accurate measurements at strain levels below 10−3%. In this paper the design criteria are described in detail, and the efficiency of the new device is shown by several experimental results using a prototype device.

    Paper ID: GTJ11269J

    DOI: 10.1520/GTJ11269J

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    Title A New Torsional Shear Device
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