A Multi-Purpose Rock Core Testing Device

    Volume 6, Issue 1 (March 1983)

    ISSN: 0149-6115


    Page Count: 6

    Swan, G
    Senior research scientist, University of Luleå, Luleå,

    Olofsson, T
    Research engineer, University of Luleå, Luleå,


    The need for a multi-purpose rock tester that incorporates a microcomputer for logging and evaluation purposes is identified. A number of semistandard test methods adaptable to such a tester are examined and found suitable from the point of view of simplicity, cheapness, and accuracy of determination. Some design aspects of this tester in its present state of development are considered.

    Paper ID: GTJ10819J

    DOI: 10.1520/GTJ10819J

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    Title A Multi-Purpose Rock Core Testing Device
    Symposium , 0000-00-00
    Committee D18