Axial Pile Loading Test—Part 1: Static Loading

    Volume 8, Issue 2 (June 1985)

    ISSN: 0149-6115


    Page Count: 12


    The International Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering established a technical committee to develop manuals for field and laboratory geotechnical tests. As one of these, recommendations on axial pile loading tests are presented to the profession resulting from four years of worldwide discussion among piling experts of 16 countries. The text is supplemented by notes that indicate details on which no unanimous decision could be obtained.

    The document recommends requirements on the test device and the test proceeding. Further, the evaluation of the determination of the test limit load is included because it was felt that much uncertainty would remain if the type of engineering judgment on the test results would be kept out.

    Paper ID: GTJ10514J

    DOI: 10.1520/GTJ10514J

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    Title Axial Pile Loading Test—Part 1: Static Loading
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