Volume 50, Issue 6 (November 2005)

    Genetic Polymorphisms of 15 STR Loci in Chinese Hui Population

    (Received 12 April 2005; accepted 22 June 2005)

    Published Online: September


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    The blood samples were obtained from 100 unrelated individuals of Chinese Hui population living in Ningxia province with known ancestor until at least the third generations. Genomic DNA was extracted using the Chelex-100 protocol as described by Walsh et al. (1). 15 STRs loci were co-amplified by using the AmpFLSTR Identifiler kit following the amplification conditions recommended by the manufacturer. All loci were amplified in GeneAmp PCR System 9700 (PE Applied Biosystem). Detection and genotyping of all PCR products were accomplished using ABI3100 DNA Genetic Analyzer (Applied Biosystem). Allele designation was done using GeneScan3.7 and Genotyper3.7. Evaluation of Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium expectations was carried out using the exact test and further statistical parameters of forensic interest were determined by using Arlequin version1.1 (2).

    Author Information:

    He, K

    Chen, L

    Huang, P

    Zhu, X

    Xu, Y

    Wang, Z

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    ISSN: 0022-1198

    DOI: 10.1520/JFS2005228

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    Title Genetic Polymorphisms of 15 STR Loci in Chinese Hui Population
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