Chilean Population Data on Ten PCR-Based Loci

    Volume 43, Issue 1 (January 1998)

    ISSN: 0022-1198


    Published Online: 1 January 1998

    Page Count: 3

    Budowle, B
    Forensic Science Research and Training Center, Laboratory Division, FBI Academy, Quantico, VA

    Jorquera, H
    Unidad de Biologia Molecular y Genetica, Depto. de Laboratorios, Servicio Medico Legal, Ministerio De Justicia, Santiago de Chile,

    (Received 7 March 1997; accepted 21 April 1997)


    Allele frequencies for ten PCR-based loci LDLR, GYPA, HBGG, D7S8, Gc, HLA-DQA1, D1S80, CSF1PO, TPOX and THO1 were determined in unrelated Chileans from Santiago. All loci except HBGG and THO1 meet Hardy-Weinberg expectations. There is little evidence for association of alleles among the ten loci. Only 3 out of 45 pairwise comparisons demonstrated departures from independence. The allelic frequency data are similar to other comparable data.

    Paper ID: JFS16105J

    DOI: 10.1520/JFS16105J

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    Title Chilean Population Data on Ten PCR-Based Loci
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