Behavior of Glass at Elevated Temperatures

    Volume 37, Issue 5 (September 1992)

    ISSN: 0022-1198


    Page Count: 5

    Lentini, JJ
    Laboratory Director, Applied Technical Services, Inc., Marietta, GA

    (Received 3 December 1991; accepted 8 February 1992)


    The author conducted a series of tests to examine the usefulness of crazed glass as an indicator of abnormal fire behavior. Despite widely held beliefs and widely published statements that crazing of glass is a result of exposure to rapidly increasing temperature, the test results show that glass will not craze, except when its temperature is rapidly decreased. A finding of crazed glass in a fire scene has no special meaning regarding the temperatures to which the glass was exposed.

    Paper ID: JFS13325J

    DOI: 10.1520/JFS13325J

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    Title Behavior of Glass at Elevated Temperatures
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