Volume 32, Issue 1 (January 1987)

    Malpractice—A Defendant's Perspective


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    Probably too much has already been written about the liability crisis. Health care providers have known of the problem for 15 to 16 years, and now other professionals and the general public are increasingly aware of the problem and its ramifications. So far, physicians have blamed lawyers and soft-hearted juries, trial lawyers have blamed physicians and insurance companies, and a few enlightened souls are blaming the society within which we live. For my part, I often quote that sage of contemporary America, Pogo, “We have met the enemy and they is us.” Unfortunately, to date, most of the conversation on this subject has been confrontational and self-serving, with everyone trying to lay the blame on someone else. Having been a defendant in 2 liability cases (at the same time) approximately 5 years ago, I believe I have some insight into the overall problem, and would like to share some thoughts with you.

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    Patrick Jarboe, J
    Board certified in family practice; chief, Department of Family Practice, MD

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    Title Malpractice—A Defendant's Perspective
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