Volume 27, Issue 3 (July 1982)

    A Review of Introduction to Forensic Toxicology

    Published Online: July


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    This book is intended for use by both teachers and practicing professionals in forensic toxicology. It is divided into three sections, and the first section, “Principles for Forensic Toxicology,” includes information on the pharmacological and analytical principles necessary for the forensic toxicologist to fulfill his professional obligations. Chapters on the history of forensic toxicology and the pathology of poisoning are also included. The second section deals with the practice of forensic toxicology and describes the type of work involved in a routine forensic toxicology laboratory. The final section, “Applications of Forensic Toxicology,” includes chapters on data reporting and handling, interpretation of toxicological data, and appearing as an expert witness.

    Author Information:

    Peat, MA
    Associate director, Center Forensic Human Toxicology, Skaggs Hall, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

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    DOI: 10.1520/JFS12185J

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    Title A Review of Introduction to Forensic Toxicology
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