A Review of Friction Ridge Skin

    Volume 29, Issue 3 (July 1984)

    ISSN: 0022-1198


    Page Count: 1

    Thornton, JI
    Professor of forensic science, University of California, Berkeley, CA


    This book belongs in the “must have” category. It attemptS to address the subject of personal identification based on fingerprints, palmprints, and soleprints. It covers the taking of prints, the rudiments of classification, the documentation of prints (-latent and otherwise) by photography, and the comparison of prints. Mr. Cowger writes well, and the chapters on the taking of prints, photography, and classification are clear and succinct. The photographic illustrations accompanying these sections are particularly apt and obviously have been selected with great care. Still, there is little in these sections that is particularly novel, or that has not been addressed in a more expanded form in other standard texts. The principal virtues of this text lie elsewhere.

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    DOI: 10.1520/JFS11761J

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    Title A Review of Friction Ridge Skin
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