Postmortem Stability of Barbiturates in Blood and Tissues

    Volume 29, Issue 1 (January 1984)

    ISSN: 0022-1198


    Page Count: 8

    Levine, BS
    toxicologist, Medical Examiner's Office of Maryland, Baltimore, MD

    Valentour, JC
    Toxicologist, Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of General Services, Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services, Bureau of Forensic Sciences, Richmond, VA

    Blanke, RV
    Professor, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA

    (Received 28 April 1983; accepted 7 June 1983)


    The stability of five commonly prescribed barbiturates and thiopental in blood and liver at room temperature and at 4°C was studied. Gas chromatography was used for oxybarbiturate analysis while liquid chromatography was used to quantitate thiopental. In blood and liver, greater than 75% of the drugs were detected at the end of the two- to three-month period. These changes were not considered significant; therefore, barbiturates appear to be stable in blood and liver under the conditions of these experiments.

    Paper ID: JFS11643J

    DOI: 10.1520/JFS11643J

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    Title Postmortem Stability of Barbiturates in Blood and Tissues
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