A Review of The Cross and the Shroud

    Volume 28, Issue 2 (April 1983)

    ISSN: 0022-1198


    Published Online: 1 April 1983

    Page Count: 2

    Froede, JA
    Pastor, Michillinda Presbyterian Church, Pasadena, CA


    With the recent interest developing around the Shroud of Turin this book is a timely addition to a historical subject that has continued to capture peoples' imagination over the centuries. However, while the author eminently utilizes the texts that would concern him most as a forensic pathologist, it would seem to me that he forgets to use the discipline of biblical exegesis which can be just as exacting and demanding as any forensic science. In any biblical study it is necessary to cover the entire passage or passages by carefully examining the words and structure of the historical manuscripts to determine their meaning and to use the entire story as it appears in Scripture. Any other method is called proof-texting, in other words, eisegesis or using scripture to support your point. Dr. Zugibe is to be congratulated on his usage of Scripture in approaching the pathology of the death of Jesus Christ. What I find omitted to a great extent is “the rest of the story.”

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    DOI: 10.1520/JFS11545J

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