Solid Dosage Forms: 1975–1983

    Volume 30, Issue 4 (October 1985)

    ISSN: 0022-1198


    Published Online: 1 October 1985

    Page Count: 12

    Franzosa, ES
    Forensic chemist, Special Testing and Research Laboratory, Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Justice, McLean, VA

    (Received 7 September 1984; accepted 16 January 1985)


    The changes in the types and drug content of solid dosage forms as analyzed in the ballistics program at the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Testing and Research Laboratory from 1975 to 1983 are discussed. Trends and patterns in stimulants, depressants, and hallucinogenic drugs are explained.

    Paper ID: JFS11060J

    DOI: 10.1520/JFS11060J

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    Title Solid Dosage Forms: 1975–1983
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