Some Further Thoughts on Probabilities and Human Hair Comparisons

    Volume 23, Issue 4 (October 1978)

    ISSN: 0022-1198


    Published Online: 1 October 1978

    Page Count: 6

    Gaudette, BD
    In charge, Hair and Fibre Section, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Crime Detection Laboratory, Edmonton, Alberta

    (Received 2 February 1978; accepted 17 April 1978)


    Publication of two previous papers [1,2] on the subject of human hair comparisons has aroused considerable interest. The significance of this research is not in the actual probability numbers found but in the experimental proof of the proposition that macroscopic and microscopic hair comparison is a useful technique and that hair evidence is good evidence. Although the results of the two studies are not inconsistent with those expected by an experienced hair examiner, some further experimental confirmation was attempted. Also, the limitations and use of such results require elaboration. A discussion of the individualization of human hair and the role of this type of work will be given.

    Paper ID: JFS10734J

    DOI: 10.1520/JFS10734J

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    Title Some Further Thoughts on Probabilities and Human Hair Comparisons
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