Volume 21, Issue 4 (October 1976)

    A Review of “Forensic Psychiatry—A Practical Guide for Lawyers and Psychiatrists”

    Published Online: October


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    This monograph is intended to be a practical guide for attorneys and psychiatrists working together in areas of mutual concern. Unfortunately, it fails to achieve its goal. Though written by an excellent teacher, Dr. Sadoff's book is unevenly organized and presented. It apparently is a collection of papers, some of which have been rewritten, and of other writings compiled into a single volume. It tends to ramble somewhat with the insertion of anecdotal cases rather than development of theses in firm fashion. This manner of presentation is not unlike Dr. Sadoff's lecture technique [1]. Dr. Sadoff seems to shift back and forth between presentations intended for psychiatrists and those intended for attorneys. Further, he shifts in presentation from first person to third person. His attention seems directed more toward criminal matters, with insufficient attention to the psychiatrist's involvement in matters of civil forensic psychiatric practice, such as personal injury litigation, workers' compensation matters, and other torts. Only passing mention is given to the important area of brain syndrome producing disability or impaired responsibility, an issue of important consideration in evaluation of a person who has sustained head injury, been exposed to toxic chemicals, or otherwise possibly brain-damaged.

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    Drucker, F
    Los Angeles, California

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    Title A Review of “Forensic Psychiatry—A Practical Guide for Lawyers and Psychiatrists”
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