Volume 19, Issue 2 (April 1974)

    Science in Justice: The Past 25 Years

    (Received 12 March 1973; accepted 12 September 1973)

    Published Online: April


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    A period of 25 years has relevance only when compared with different human activities. To an individual human being it can represent a major segment of his life's experience, for his scale of measurement is three score years and ten. To men as thinking beings, homo sapiens, a quarter century's time is minute, for this scale of measurement is about 50,000 years. To the human race as represented by the original homo erectus, the first true man, the silver jubilee of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences is infinitesimal, for the scale of measurement is probably 1.5 million years.

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    Schroeder, O
    Professor of law and director, The Law-Medicine Center, Cleveland, Ohio

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    Title Science in Justice: The Past 25 Years
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