Filament Wound Pressure Vessels

    Volume 1, Issue 1 (October 1978)

    ISSN: 0884-6804


    Page Count: 2

    D'Andrea, G
    U.S. Army Benet Weapons Laboratory Watervliet Arsenal, Watervliet, NY


    Filament winding is a well developed technology for simple composite pressure vessels, such as rocket motor cases or tanks. However, the winding of vessels that contain reversed curvatures or variable diameters requires an advanced technology. At the Benet Weapons Laboratory (BWL), we have designed, fabricated, and tested several unusual filament wound pressure vessels. The vessel geometries vary (1) from a closed-end to an open-end configuration, (2) from a nonlined vessel to a lined vessel with a composite jacket, (3) from a similar to a dissimilar end dome or closure, and (4) from an axisymmetric to a nonaxisymmetric configuration.

    Paper ID: CTR10650J

    DOI: 10.1520/CTR10650J

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    Title Filament Wound Pressure Vessels
    Symposium , 0000-00-00
    Committee D30