Volume 22, Issue 2 (December 2000)

    Quantitative Description of Coarse Aggregate Volume Fraction Gradients


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    Within any cast cylinder of concrete, the coarse aggregate will tend to be inhomogeneously distributed. This variability may arise as a result of segregation caused by gravity or as a result of the wall effect that is caused by the inability of the aggregate to penetrate the walls of the mold. Using methods from image analysis, stereology, and statistics, local estimates of aggregate inhomogeniety are defined that quantify phenomena that have been qualitatively described in the past. These methods involve modification of the two-dimensional images to prepare them for analysis, as well as simple diagnostic statistics for determining the presence of a wall effect. While the techniques presented herein are developed specifically for cast cylinders, they can be generalized to other cast or cored concrete specimens.

    Author Information:

    Karr, AF
    National Institute of Statistical Sciences, NC

    Picka, JD
    University of Maryland, College Park, MD

    Shah, SP
    NSF Center for Advanced Cement-Based Materials, Evanston, IL

    Jaiswal, SS
    Andersen Consulting, Chicago, IL

    Igusa, T
    Andersen Consulting, Chicago, IL

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    ISSN: 0149-6123

    DOI: 10.1520/CCA10473J

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    Title Quantitative Description of Coarse Aggregate Volume Fraction Gradients
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