Volume 1, Issue 1

    Variability Analysis of the Bulk Resistivity Measured Using Concrete Cylinders

    (Received 2 December 2011; accepted 3 April 2012)

    Published Online: 2012


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    Many agencies are interested in using a rapid test method for measuring the electrical properties of concrete (i.e., the resistivity or conductivity) because the electrical properties can be related to fluid transport (e.g., ion diffusion). The advantage of electrical testing is that it is relatively easy to perform, and the test method is relatively fast (it takes less than a minute). Over the past century, many studies have investigated different approaches for measuring electrical properties. This paper describes the variability associated with measuring the bulk resistivity along the longitudinal axis of a cylinder after placing electrodes on either end. A multi-laboratory evaluation was performed at ten laboratories. Data from this evaluation provided variability data for 12 concrete mixtures at testing ages of 28, 56, and 91 days. Information on the variability is important in the development of precision and bias statements for standard test methods. In addition, this work discusses how the resistivity results obtained from this test can be correlated with surface resistivity measurements made using a Wenner probe. Linear agreement was noticed between the Wenner test and the measurement through the cylinder, but with a factor confirmed by previous research by Morris et al. (“Practical Evaluation of Resistivity of Concrete in Test Cylinders Using a Wenner Array Probe,” Cem. Concr. Res., Vol. 26, 1996, pp. 1779–1787). Additionally, the effect of electrode resistance is discussed, and for high resistivity concrete such as that used in much transportation infrastructure, this effect appears to be negligible; however, it can be accounted for easily.

    Author Information:

    Spragg, R. P.
    Graduate Research Assistant, Purdue Univ., School of Civil Engineering, West Lafayette, IN

    Castro, J.
    Assistant Professor, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, School of Civil Engineering, Santiago,

    Nantung, T.
    Manager for Pavement Materials and Construction Research, Indiana Dept. of Transportation, Division of Research and Development, West Lafayette, IN

    Paredes, M.
    State Corrosion Engineer, Florida Dept. of Transportation State Materials Office, Corrosion Research and Durability Laboratory, Gainesville, FL

    Weiss, J.
    Professor of Civil Engineering, Director of Pankow Materials Laboratory, Purdue Univ., School of Civil Engineering, West Lafayette, IN

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    ISSN: 2165-3984

    DOI: 10.1520/ACEM104596

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    Title Variability Analysis of the Bulk Resistivity Measured Using Concrete Cylinders
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