25, 50, 100 Download Subscriptions

    Over a 12 month period, download your choice of 25, 50, or 100 ASTM standards (select subscription type below). Upon ordering, you'll receive a User ID and Password to login to your subscription. A counter will help you keep track of your download usage. For each standard you download, we'll send you a free alert notification whenever the standard is updated.

    Choose between Basic and Plus Subscriptions from the options below.

    Ordering Options

    SubscriptionStock NumberPrice
    25 Downloads Basic 25SVC $845
    25 Downloads Plus 25SVCX $1010
    50 Downloads Basic 50SVC $1415
    50 Downloads Plus 50SVCX $1720
    100 Downloads Basic 100SVC $2135
    100 Downloads Plus 100SVCX $2560

    These subscriptions are for individual temporary storage on 1 PC for the purpose of printing 1 copy. This copy shall not be reproduced or distributed in any form.

    If multiple users at a single site or at more than one site need access, please contact Sales or call 1-877-909-ASTM(2786).

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    What are Basic and Plus Subscriptions?

    Subscription Period

    The subscription ends 12 months from the day your order is processed or if you reach the maximum number of downloads allowed.