ASTM WK46991

    Withdrawal of E2674-09 With Replacement E2608 Standard Practice for Equipment Control Matrix (ECM)

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    Rationale for withdraw of E2674-09 Standard Practice for Assessment of Impact of Mobile Data Storage Device (MDSD) Loss As part of the continued effort to offer standards that have current value, a review is conducted when a standard reaches its fifth year of publication. Teams are formed to review the standard and provide a recommended action plan. That plan can be to revise, renew or withdraw. The team that reviewed E2674-09 Standard Practice for Assessment of Impact of Mobile Data Storage Device (MDSD) Loss has recommended that it be withdrawn. The reasoning for this decision is that the scope of E2674-09 is entirely within /under the breadth of E2608-08(2014) Standard for Equipment Control Matrix (ECM). Keeping E2674-09 would be a redundancy that Committee E53 would not want to continue. The Executive Committee members have reviewed and agree with this recommendation. If you are currently using/referencing E2674-09 we ask that you review E2608-08(2104) to see if switching will be a solution to replacing E2674-09. If you have any questions please contact the technical lead listed for this ballot action.


    ECC; ECL; equipment control class; equipment control level; information security; information system; information type; personally identifiable information; PII; PLL; property; risk; MDSD; mobile data storage device; tangible asset;
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    Robert Holcombe


    E53 (14-04)

    Ballot Item Approved as E2674-2009 and Pending Publication