ASTM WK46962

    Revision of D3849 - 14 Standard Test Method for Carbon Black—Morphological Characterization of Carbon Black Using Electron Microscopy

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    Active Standard: D3849 - 14a

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    1. Rationale

    Removal of Method B addresses the urgent concern expressed at the June 2014 meeting that Method B has the effect of excluding from certain plastics markets carbon black products customers have accepted and demonstrated as fit-for-use over many years. In effectively excluding existing, qualified products from its scope, Method B appears to be contrary to ASTM antitrust policy on Standards (Section 19.2.5.), and so warrants the immediate attention of our committee. For reference Section 19.2.5 states: 19.2.5 Standards. Neither ASTM nor any committee, subcommittee or task group thereof shall make any effort to bring about the standardization of any product or service for the purpose or with the effect of (a) preventing the manufacture or sale of any product or service not conforming to a specified standard or (b) artificially (without legitimate business justification) inflating the price at which a product or service may be offered for sale or sold.


    aggregate size; automated image analysis; carbon black; electron microscopy; particle size; statistical thickness surface area;
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    Ricky Magee


    D24 (14-04)

    Ballot Item Approved as D3849-2014A and Pending Publication