ASTM WK46794

    Revision of D7522 / D7522M - 09 Standard Test Method for Pull-Off Strength for FRP Bonded to Concrete Substrate

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    Active Standard: D7522 / D7522M - 15

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    1. Rationale

    D7522 Reapproval ballot The vote is primarily for re-approval but two minor issues are addressed as part of the process, as follows: 1.Three typographical errors are corrected as follows: a.6.1: noo-symmetric to non-symmetric b.6.3: incorrect pluralisation: Testing at non-standard temperatures or relative humidityies may affect c.Additional blank line deleted immediately below A1.2 2.12.4 is changed to clarify some confusion in the definition of a retest in the case of a Mode A failure (dolly pulling off test specimen). Each specimen may only be subject to tension once for a valid assertion of the ultimate capacity to be made. Therefore, reattaching a failed dolly is inappropriate. The deleted text is boilerplate that should not have been included in this case. In this method, a retest would involve a new cored specimen being drilled and then tested. 12.4 ValidationValues for ultimate properties shall not be calculated for any specimen that breaks at some obvious flaw, unless such flaw constitutes a variable being studied. Retests shall be performed for any specimen on which values are not calculated. 12.4.1 Reattaching a dolly that has been damaged or exhibited Failure Mode A shall not be permitted for any specimen. 12.4.12


    bond strength; composite materials; concrete repair and rehabilitation; pull-off strength; pultruded (shop-fabricated) FRP; wet lay-up FRP;
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    Russell Gentry


    D30 (14-05)

    Ballot Item Approved as D7522/D7522M-2015 and Pending Publication