ASTM WK46621

    Revision of F468M - 06(2012) Standard Specification for Nonferrous Bolts, Hex Cap Screws, and Studs for General Use (Metric)

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    Active Standard: F468M - 06(2012)

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    1. Rationale

    The NAVY is requesting an immediate ballot on ASTM F467M and F468M fastener specifications. The warrant holder for all fasteners for the US NAVY (Cathy Wong, PHD) and Jim Lewis, principal Fastener Engineer for Newport News-HII, have requested that ASTM F467 and F468 be amended to change the common name for alloy UNS N06686 from 686 to a dual common name to include alloy C-86. (Specifically: C-86/686 dual designation) John McCarrick is on board with this on both implementing this in ASTM F467M and F468M.


    bolts; cap screws; general use; nonferrous; studs ; Aluminum alloys--specifications; Copper; Copper alloy--specifications; Fasteners (metal)--specifications; Naval brass; Nickel alloy bolting materials--specifications; Nickel-copper alloy--specifications; Nickel-copper-aluminum alloys; Nickel-molybdenum alloys--specifications; Nickel-molybdenum-chromium alloys--specifications; Nonferrous bolting materials; Palladium (titanium plus palladium)--specifications; Titanium plus palladium--specifications; Titanium (Ti)/alloys--specifications; UNS N04400 (Ni-Cu alloy, Monel 400); UNS N04405 (Ni-Cu alloy solution strengthened (Monel R405)); UNS N05500 (Ni-Cu alloy, Monel K500); UNS N10001 (Ni-Mo alloy, Hastelloy B); UNS N10002 (Ni-Mo alloy, Hastelloy C); UNS N10665 (Ni-Mo alloy, Hastelloy B-2); UNS R50250 (Ti, unalloyed); UNS R50400 (Ti, unalloyed); UNS R50550 (Ti, unalloyed); UNS R50700 (Ti, unalloyed); Yellow brass;
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