ASTM WK46531

    Revision of E119 - 12a Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials

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    Active Standard: E119 - 16a

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    1. Rationale

    Joint treatment for wallboard assemblies. Deviations from article 5.1 of E119 have been observed in laboratories during the construction of E119 test samples whereby wet-applied joint compounds have not been finished in a matter identical to field installations. The deviating samples have benefitted from the use of excessive thicknesses of waterborne joint compounds, which, unlike in field installations, have entered fire testing, thus benefitting in terms of the addition of hydrate materials that may have resulted in improved test results, whereas field installations, are ground smoothly and finished such that joints cannot be seen anymore after the completion of field installations. The suggestion is to lower the likelihood of test sample construction deviating from paragraph 5.1 by clarification of the paragraph as follows: 5.1 The test specimen shall be representative of the construction that the test is intended to assess, as to materials, workmanship, and details such as dimensions of manufactured components and wet-applied materials, as well as cured thickness, including any protrusions beyond the plane of the test specimens outer surfaces, and shall be built under conditions representative of those applied in building construction and operation. The physical properties of the materials and ingredients used in the test specimen shall be determined and recorded.


    beams; building construction; building materials; ceiling assemblies; columns; fire; fire endurance; fire resistance; fire-resistance rating; fire-test-response standard; floor assembly; floors; restrained rating; restraint; roofs; roof assembly; truss; unrestrained rating; walls;
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