ASTM WK46506

    Revision of A924 / A924M - 13 Standard Specification for General Requirements for Steel Sheet, Metallic-Coated by the Hot-Dip Process

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    Active Standard: A924 / A924M - 14

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    1. Rationale

    Hot-Dip products are available in thickness up to 0.250 in. (6.30 mm). This revision defines tolerances for coated products 0.188 - 0.250 in. (5.0 - 6.30 mm) thick. Since the substrate for heavy thickness coated product is hot rolled sheet, the applicable tolerances from ASTM A568 and ASTM A635 are used to define the tolerances for heavy thickness coated products. In researching this issue, it was discovered that the current hot dipped tolerances for products made from hot rolled sheet (0.075 0.187) are generally equal to the hot rolled carbon tolerances plus 0.002. That convention is followed here wherever possible. In cases where there is a mismatch between coated and hot rolled width ranges, the wider tolerance is used.


    aluminum-coated iron/steel; aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel, 55 %; coating; coatings—55 % aluminum-zinc; coatings—aluminum; coatings—hot-dip; coatings—metallic; coatings—terne metal; coatings—zinc-5 % aluminum; coatings—zinc (hot-dip); coatings—zinc-aluminum-magnesium; corrosion; hot-dip; metallic-coated; sheet; steel; steel products—hot-dip coatings; steel sheet—aluminum-coated; steel sheet—terne coated; steel sheet—zinc-aluminum-magnesium alloy-coated; steel sheet—zinc-coated (galvanized); zinc-aluminum-magnesium alloy-coated steel; zinc-coated iron/steel;
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    A05 (14-03)

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