ASTM WK46261

    Withdrawal of F2420 - 05(2011) Standard Test Method for Determining Relative Humidity on the Surface of Concrete Floor Slabs Using Relative Humidity Probe Measurement and Insulated Hood

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    This standard is being balloted for withdrawal with no replacement because The preliminary P&B was conducted on 26 December 2013 to 3rd March 2014 by ASTM members. When tested over one sealed concrete slab with the surface prepared as described in the latest approved draft of F2420 the results showed that each hood/probe took about 49 days to get within approximately 2% of its last reading taken after 70 days. That said at 70 days the six different hood/probe assemblies used had a 9% difference between them. These results clearly show that even after 70 days they would not be accepted by flooring manufacturers as a go/no-go test method for installing resilient flooring. In addition even as a test method for investigating installation failures it shows to be inconclusive at 70 days so it has no real value to the industry. The fact that there is an ASTM test method is one reason that other countries use it even though they have never performed any P&B themselves. Withdrawing this document seems reasonable as there appears to be little value to the industry.


    concrete; dew point; entrapped air chamber; equilibrium; flooring; floor slabs; insulated hood; moisture; relative humidity; temperature; thermal insulation; Concrete flooring; Concrete slabs; Insulated hood; Relative humidity (RH);
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    F06 (14-02)

    Ballot Item Approved as F2420-2005(2011) and Pending Publication