ASTM WK46244

    Revision of F2623 - 08 Standard Specification for Polyethylene of Raised Temperature (PE-RT) SDR 9 Tubing

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    Active Standard: F2623 - 08

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    1. Rationale

    ASTM F2623 PE-RT uses generally the same types of fittings as ASTM F876 for PEX and ASTM F2769 for PE-RT. Both these latter standards have requirements to mark the tubing with those fitting systems which are recommended for use with the tubing by the manufacturer. This ballot adds this requirement to the markings section using the identical wording from the other two referenced standards. It is consistent with current marking practice for this type of tubing.


    hydronic heating; hydrostatic stress; irrigation; PE-RT; pipe; plastic pipe; polyethylene of raised temperature; PPI; pressure; radiant heating; tubing; Polyethylene (PE); Tubing;
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    F17 (14-03)

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