ASTM WK46191

    Revision of A529 / A529M - 05(2009) Standard Specification for High-Strength Carbon-Manganese Steel of Structural Quality

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    Active Standard: A529 / A529M - 14

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    1. Rationale

    S745-14A, wk46191 The proposal is to remove footnote B from the bottom of table 2 and change the minimum tensile strength of all products in the grade 50 [345] column to 65 ksi [450 Mpa]. This proposal will make tensile strength requirements for A529 gr 50[345] consistent with those of A572 gr 50[345], A709 gr 50[345], and other commomly used long product specifications such as CSA 40.21 gr 50w. Additionally many long product producers are now making multigraded materials that have to meet all of the requirements from the previously mentioned specifications, and the multiple variations of grade 36. In order to satisfy all the requirements, the tensile range must be controlled between 70 and 80 Ksi which can be a tight range to achieve on thicker bar products. The change would allow a tensile range of 65 Ksi to 80 Ksi for multigraded products. The change will not affect shapes as they already have 65 ksi minimum tensile per footnote B.


    bars; bolted construction; carbon; frames; metal building systems; plates; riveted construction; shapes; steel; structural steel; trusses; welded construction; Carbon steel bars/shapes--specifications; Carbon steel plate--specifications; Framework; High-strength structural steel--specifications; Metal buildings; Open-hearth steel--specifications; Riveted construction--specifications; Steel bars and shapes--specifications; Structural steel (SS)--specifications; Bolted construction materials/applications--specifications; Carbon-manganese steel--specifications; Structural steel (SS) bars--specifications; Structural steel (SS) plate--specifications; Structural steel (SS) shapes--specifications; Trusses; Welded steel materials/applications--specifications;
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    A01 (14-03)

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