ASTM WK45911

    New Practice for Proper Use of Video Micrometer Measurement Technology for Cracks and Joint Gaps in Pipes, Conduits and Culverts

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    1. Scope

    Given the higher emphasis in Post Inspection Before Acceptance of Newly Installed Pipes, Conduits and Culverts by the owners and their engineers of record, the industry has a pressing need for one or more ASTM Standards on the subject matter. This standard practice will cover the minimum requirements on means and methods for the video mcirometer measurement technology for cracks and joint gaps in pipes, conduits and culverts.

    There are no standards to serve a rapidly growing market and if the proposed ASTM standard comes to fruition, most sewer agencies, and highway departments globally would adopt to make specification writing and the preparation of bid packages more efficient.


    video, micrometer, measurement, cracks, joint gaps, joints, pipes, conduits, culverts, workmanship, post installation inspection,

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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    Jey Jeyapalan


    F36 (14-09)

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