ASTM WK45836

    Revision of D7332 / D7332M - 09 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Fastener Pull-Through Resistance of a Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composite

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    Active Standard: D7332 / D7332M - 09

    Developed by Subcommittee: D30.05 | Committee D30 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    Update to current standard D30 boilerplate, including revision to micrometer requirements recently approved. Also make an editorial correction to Section 13.6 (statistics).


    bolted joints; composite materials; fastener; fastener pull-through; out-of-plane loading; Composite materials; Fastener pull-through resistance; Fiber reinforced polymers; Polymer matrix composite materials;
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    Adam Sawicki

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