ASTM WK45778

    Revision of D6729 - 04(2009) Standard Test Method for Determination of Individual Components in Spark Ignition Engine Fuels by 100 Metre Capillary High Resolution Gas Chromatography

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    Active Standard: D6729 - 14

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    1. Rationale

    On page 46 for component 282 and 288 C7-Triolefin+C8-Olefin is mentioned. The Molar mass of the C7 tri-olefin is given here but it would make more sense to give the C8 olefin mass as this is most probably the main component. The same for component 326 which is probably the C8 paraffin. In addition, editorial changes as necessary.


    gas chromatograph; gasoline; individual hydrocarbon analysis; oxygenated fuels; spark-ignition engine fuels; Alkylates; Automotive engine fuels/oils; ETBE (ethyl tert-butyl ether); Ethanol; Gas chromatography (GC)--petroleum products; 100 Meter capillary high resolution gas chromatography; MTBE (methyl tert-butylether); Naphtha and naphtha derivatives; Oxygenated aromatics; TAME (tert-amyl methylether);
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    Frank Di Sanzo


    D02 (14-05)

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