ASTM WK45657

    Revision of D3763 - 10e1 Standard Test Method for High Speed Puncture Properties of Plastics Using Load and Displacement Sensors

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    Active Standard: D3763 - 14

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    1. Rationale

    To add a note to the document (sections 8 or 10) to indicate the recommmendation of using a HSI apparatus which has an environemental for those materials requiring impact testing at sub ambient or low temeprature test conditions. Currently the method does not have any guidelines established for the transit time or total time from the removal of the specimen from the conditioning environment until the specimen is impacted. Need a note to address the effect that this transit time may have on different types of material : to prevent changes in mechanical behavior of the material prior to impact since the test specimens are conditioned at low temeprature and the test equipment is at room temeprature if not using an environmetal chamber.


    falling weight; impact testing; plastics; puncture properties; Deformation--plastics; Falling weight test; High speed puncture properties; Impact resistance--plastics; Impact testing--plastics; Loading tests--plastics; Minimum instrumentation requirements; Multiaxial impact testing; Puncture; Rigid plastics; Velocity;
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    Ron Andrekanic


    D20 (15-01)

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