ASTM WK45572

    Revision of B908 - 09 Standard Practice for the Use of Color Codes for Zinc Casting Alloy Ingot

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    Active Standard: B908 - 09

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    1. Rationale

    A new alloy, HF, is currently working through final ballot as a new Standard Specification. The color code Red/Brown has been added to Table 1. These colors will also be listed in the ballot HF ballot. Standard Specification B952 lists seven alloys used in the spin casting process. Color codes for these alloys are added to Table 1. B952 is currently being balloted for several revisions including these proposed color codes. The revisions are indicated in Bold Blue. All other items are for reference purposes only.


    ACuZinc; ACuZinc5; color; color code; Kirksite; Kirksite A; Kirksite B; non-ferrous metals; Zamak; Zamak 2; Zamak 3; Zamak 5; Zamak 7; zinc; zinc alloys; zinc-aluminum alloys; zinc-copper-aluminum alloys; Color--metallic materials; Color code; Nonferrous metals/alloys; Zinc alloys; Zinc-aluminum (ZA); Zinc casting alloy ingot; Zinc-copper-aluminum alloys
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    B02.04 (14-01)

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