ASTM WK45416

    New Test Methods for Sintered neodymium iron boron permanent magnetic materials

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    Developed by Subcommittee: F40.04 | Committee F40 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Scope

    This effort is to gather information on relevant Chinese, Russian and English standards (including IEC, DIN and ASTM) on Sintered neodymium iron boron permanent magnetic materials. The work item is to gather information to make an informed decision and not write a published document.

    F40.04 needs to understand the current state of world wide standards before committing to SAC/TC 229 proposed effort to ASTM-izing GB/T 13560. Used for specification and testing of materials (quality control) and is presumed to be adopted by at least the PRC government.


    A06:Chinese Standardization Committee on Rare Earth Materials:SAC:TC 229

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

    Citing ASTM Standards
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    Dick Casali

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