ASTM WK45381

    Revision of C1504M - 14 Standard Specification for Manufacture of Precast Reinforced Concrete Three-Sided Structures for Culverts and Storm Drains (Metric)

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    Active Standard: C1504M - 15e1

    Developed by Subcommittee: C13.07 | Committee C13 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    End User application of specific wording in the requirements for cylinder curing in section 10.2.1 do not match the spirit and intent of concrete testing as currently written. The thermal mass of concrete cylinders is greatly different than that of the product that they represent. Current wording may actually serve to yield an as tested concrete strength that is not necessarily representative of the product that the cylinder represents which has a much larger thermal mass and may not be subjected to the same time / temperature maturity cycle as the smaller cylinder.


    AASHTO; LRFD; three-sided structures;
    Citing ASTM Standards
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    Technical Contact:
    Corey Haeder


    C13 (14-05)

    Ballot Item Approved as C1504M-2015 and Pending Publication